About Michael B. Sky

Michael B.Sky


Michael B. Sky crafts paintings that are nothing short of extraordinary. Whether photorealistic landscapes or magnificent portraiture, each work is created with the utmost care and attention to detail. Rapture is a unifying theme within Sky’s oeuvre, which he discovers in grand cloud formations, a striking face, or the erratic contours of a well-worn floor. His dreams and subconscious are also a continual source of inspiration. Life and science is the great mystery that he is exploring through his visionary art.

"This creative ritual is the source of the eternal quest for self-knowledge," he states. Working with oil or mixed media on canvas, Sky’s treatment of vastly different subjects often suggests very similar feelings. Whether a beautiful recumbent nude lost in thought or heavenly beams of sunlight cast through sinister clouds, both become catalysts for passionate reverie. A severe variation of colours and movements further enhances the dramatic appeal of his work.

Sky’s paintings are held in private collections throughout Europe, USA and Japan. He lives and works in Heidelberg, Germany.